lesson 12 assign

lesson 12 assign - o Check Spelling 5 A How does interest...

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Sheet1 Page 1 icon Lesson 12: Assignment i We recommend that you prepare your answers using your word processor and save them as separate files. Then cut and pas 1. What is the unionization rate in the public sector? How does this rate differ from the unionization rate in the private sector? Over 37% of the public sector is unionized. It is much larger than the private sector who have only a small fraction of unioniz a O Check Spelling 2. What groups of workers are represented by the largest unions in the public sector in the United States? W Teachers who are part of the NEA, American Federation of Teachers,and American Association of University Professors. Check Spelling 3. What was PATCO, and what did PATCO do? W Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization in 1981 they led its members on a strike against the federal government and t h Check Spelling 4. How is interest arbitration used in the public sector H It is largely used by police and fire-fighters in various forms which are conventional, final offer, variety combinations of mediati
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Unformatted text preview: o Check Spelling 5. A. How does interest arbitration lead to the chilling effect? B. What is final-offer arbitration? A. Results from the fears B. Is where the arbitrator must choose between the parties final offers. Check Spelling 6. When final-offer arbitration is used rather than traditional arbitration, what is hoped for from the negotiation process? W Check Spelling 7. Is there a significant difference between the results from an arbitration settlement and a settlement where unions have the righ I Check Spelling 8. Why do some workers in some states not have the right to strike in the public sector? Sheet1 Page 2 Check Spelling 9. Describe the sequence of events that brought about unions at the federal government level in the United States. D Check Spelling 10. What type of bargaining units are likely to be found in the public sector? W Check Spelling powered by ANGEL Learning's MindClickhProcess Technology...
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lesson 12 assign - o Check Spelling 5 A How does interest...

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