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Part of STUDY GUIDE FOR EXAM 1 (and comprehensive final): MACROEVOLUTION microevolution vs. macroevolution Microevolution: small changes, within a Population, short time Macroevolution: Bigger changes, over longer time, example is brain size increases in class Mammalia, another is extinctions Fossil - a preserved remnant or impression of an organism that lived in the past. Speciation -The origin of NEW species in Evolution Extinction -evolution includes extinction by definition Preadaptation = Exaptation -Structure that evolved in 1 context then became used for another function Homology vs. Analogy Homology: Similarity by descent, if trait is NOT under Selection, probably via descent, if nonfuctional DNA = similar, If similar traits are very complex, probably Descent, look at many traits. Analogy: Similarity by Convergent evolution = Natural Selection for same solution independently, due to similar environment. If traits develop from DIFF structures, probably Convergence. Vestigial Traits -“Ancestral Baggage”, if = an odd trait that makes sense if new species arise from old species and NOT if each species is newly formed perfect at origin. An unused and/or incomplete version of a trait seen in similar organisms. Convergent Evolution
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lesson 13 assign - icon Lesson 13: Assignment We recommend...

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