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Assignment #2_Solutions.pdf - MATH 1090 Section 2 FALL 2015...

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MATH 1090: Section 2 FALL 2015 ASSIGNMENT #2 DUE Sep. 28 (M) in Class or by 7PM in Drop Box* near HH-3003 in Math Building * Drop Boxes by Last Name A - Do: Box #39 Dp - Lh: Box #40 Li - Pq: Box #41 Pr - Z: Box 42 PLEASE NOTE: 1) Assignment should be neat (erase don’t cross out, well spaced, etc.), well identified (Name, Student #), and STAPLED. 2) Assignment follows same order as topics taught in class. Questions also ordered from easier to harder which can result in question numbers being listed out of order. Please do problems in same order as listed to help with marking. 3) Since not everyone may have textbooks yet, all questions in this assignment are provided in full, but NOT necessarily for future assignments. 4) Please feel free to discuss the assignment with classmates in person or on D2L, but everyone must do/submit their own work. Extra help also is available as follows: Office (HH3012): Mondays 2:30 - 4:00PM , Tuesdays 2 - 4PM , Thursdays 4 - 6PM Help Groups by family name but welcome to come as most convenient, starting Sep. 17(Th) A - E: Mondays, F - O:
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