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Unformatted text preview: icon Lesson 11: Assignment We recommend that you prepare your answers using your word processor and save them as separate files. Then cut and paste your answers into the text boxes provided below. Note: these boxes will scroll to accommodate the entire length of your answer. 1. When and why were quality of working life programs introduced into the United States? QWL programs were started in the 1970's and were introduced as an alternative method of handling confrontational issues between labor and management on a day to day basis. Check Spelling 2. How have unions reacted to the QWL programs over the years? Unions have reacted more negatively in the past to QWL programs because more of the original programs were usually created from outside organizations Union did not see a clear need for change. Another reason reason change was resisted was the idea that such programs questioned the basics of traditional unionism and the very process of collective bargaining. Third reason was unions saw these programs as just a way of undermining collective bargaining. Check Spelling 3. How has the introduction of teamwork changed the traditional labor-management relationship? It has changed it dramatically with a basic reorginization of workplace relations due to the fact that traditional has both multiple and narrow job classifications but teamwork has jobs that are broader in scope. It means that workers now are involved in making discretionary judgements and that means investing in training. Check Spelling 4. What is an ESOP? Employee Stock Ownership Stock Plan which is where workers either become the owners or at least major stockholders in the company. Where have ESOPs been important in the United States? Such programs appear to have greatest effect in small firms where the workforce is is basically stable and committed to the community, the company, and where workers have the skills needed to make improvements. Check Spelling 5. How successful have union ownership programs been in the United States? How successful have union ownership programs been in the United States? The success of union ownership programs has not been very good as the example of the Rath Packing Company has shown as well as the idea that such initiatives are weakening the ideals of unions with unions becoming more cooperative with management to avoid downsizing and outsourcing. Check Spelling powered by ANGEL Learning's MindClickProcess Technology ...
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