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Herbal Category: Purgatives Pin Yin: Da Huang Latin: Rhei Radix et Rhizoma ENGLISH  rhubarb root and rhizome Category: Purgative Properties: Bitter, Cold Channels: Heart, Lung, Large Intestine Dosage: 3-15 g Caution: Functions: purges clumped heat in the Intestines, cools the blood, removes blood stasis; in its charred form, can stop bleeding Pin Yin: Mang Xiao Latin: Natrii Sulfas mineral STANDARD SUBSTANCE  Mineral salt: sodium Category: Purgative Properties: Acrid, Bitter, Salty, Very Cold Dosage: 6-18g For internal use, it is either added to the strained decoction or mixed with warm water; it should not be decocted itself. Caution:   CONTRAINDICATION in cases of cold from de±ciency of the Spleen and Stomach, and during pregnancy. When used externally to promote lactation Functions: softens hardened clumping of pathogenic heat in the Intestines
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Pin Yin: Fan Xie Ye Latin:   Sennae Folium
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