Review - Therapy Which type of therapy is created and...

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Therapy     Which type of therapy is created and appreciated? Client appreciation What type of therapy is client centered and focused on unconditional  positive regard? Humanistic Therapy Examples of medical therapies in psyc? Drugs, electro shock therapy, psycho surgery, Transcranial Stimulation The assumption that y giving insight we can change behavior is an assumption of  which therapy model? Medical or Disease Model This is the process by which we reach a general conclusion vases of specific  buts of info? Overgeneralization Applies Technology This is behavior that is discretionary, or goes beyond the call of duty?
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Organizational Citizenship Of the big five personality factors, this one is the most predictive of citizenship  behavior and job performance? Conscientious Openness Conscious Extrovert Agreeable Noratasism What concept is predictive is both job performance and organizational  citizenship? Job satisfaction These techniques increase job satisfaction --- Manage of objectives Recognizing indiv effort SMART goals Empowerment for employees Managers who are good leaders What are SMART goals? Specific, (intrinsic) Motivated, Achievable Relevant, Tractable
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Review - Therapy Which type of therapy is created and...

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