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2 - maintain disorder especially on the weekends before...

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2. A large city with a dense, ethically diverse population and a high unemployment rate where the city as a whole has a high crime rate but most serious crime is located in a few extremely poor neighborhoods would most benefit service style which would not isolate the police from the community and allow them to feel a sense of control when the cities hopes may be low. As for the patrol style with the services policy and the community hopefully helping police a problem-oriented patrol strategy focusing patrols on hotspots. A small town of a few thousand residents, most of whom are supported by a wage earner who works in town’s one large factory since the town has a moderate crime rate, most of which is related to alcohol use on weekends requires a service policy to help
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Unformatted text preview: maintain disorder especially on the weekends before occurrence escalate to more serious crimes using preventive patrol making sure that the community knows the police are available to them should a need arise. A suburb of 15,000 residents, most of whom are supported by a wage earner with a high paying executive job that she must commute to each day. The area has a low crime rate but also many teenagers who are unsupervised after school. This area requires a more service style policy so neighbors including the teens can be part of programs that prevent crime but being visible and active in community. Patrol style should be preventive so to keep an watchful eye out for early signs of potential criminal activity....
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