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3 - searched regardless of the crime in part to secure the...

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3. There are six types of searches that may be conducted without a warrant and still be in accordance with the Fourth Amendment. They are the special needs beyond the normal purposes of law enforcement which can cover anything that looks out of place such as wearing a trench coat in the middle of summer on a very hot day or when a police dog detects something, stop and frisk on the streets if there is reasonable suspicion of criminal actions, search incident to a lawful arrest when anyone is arrested they may be
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Unformatted text preview: searched regardless of the crime in part to secure the protection of the officer say during a traffic offense, exigent circumstances occur when for one reason or another time is of the utmost importance such as someone may be injured or a warrant may allow the suspect to destroy evidence, consent which is when people give permission to be searched, and automobiles in order to protect officers and people from potential harm. ....
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