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1. Danger and the need to exert authority affect the working personality of police officers by making them suspicious of everyone everywhere and a high state of alert. They may feel constantly on edge and worried about possible attacks due to stories told during the socialization process about how minor offenses escalated to into extreme danger resulting in officers being injured or even killed such as a routine traffic stop gone awry. Authority is not just granted but must be demonstrated through the officer’s demeanor and in trying to assert authority police may cross the line and use excessive
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Unformatted text preview: force such as when citizens challenge how the police are handling a situation citizens expect the police to react in a detached or neutral manner. Both of these can work together as well as conflict with the police performing their duties especially when a situation is seen as either hostile or the police are targeting out a specific group. Not to mention the fact remains that police are humans and all the training in the world is never going to stop that so even though the policies may call for detachment their humanity side will not permit it....
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