4 - recommended Strengths of standards and accreditation...

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4. The strengths and weaknesses of the four techniques used to ensure that police remain accountable to the community. The four techniques used are Internal Affairs Units, Civilian review Boards, Standards and Accreditation, and Civil Liability Suits. The strengths of the Internal affairs units is the fact that the unit must investigate complaints against other officers it’s weaknesses are its members are not only police but are within the same group as the officers they investigate so if the police force is small enough some complaints do not get the attention they deserve because of the “blue wall”. The strengths of Civilian review boards are they are comprised of just that, civilians no police officers so they do not have to contend with issues of “blue wall” or reluctance to investigate complaints about officer misconduct. Weaknesses are they do not have the power to investigate or discipline individuals all they can really do is
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Unformatted text preview: recommended. Strengths of standards and accreditation technique are by providing clear guidelines to officers about proper conduct the officers having better understanding of their limits. Weaknesses are the standards are not specific enough for situations such as stop-and-frisk actions, the handling of drunks, and the use of informants. Weaknesses for accreditation are it is voluntary and neither stands nor accreditation will not guarantee that an officer will engage in misconduct. Strength of civil liability suits are that since an officer or department can be sued for misconduct such as false arrest, brutality, and negligence since cities prefer not to pay the judgment awards so they enforce the standards and policies to minimize such actions. Weaknesses are that proper behavior by the police may be misinterpreted or it may make the police too cautious about executing their duties for fear that their action might result in a lawsuit....
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4 - recommended Strengths of standards and accreditation...

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