4 - are designed to help the inmates both regular services...

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Work and educational release are when inmates are released from correctional institutions during the day to work or attend school. Furloughs are the temporary release of an inmate from a correctional institution for a brief period, usually one to three days, for a visit home. Such programs help maintain family ties and prepare inmates for release from prison. Halfway house is a correctional facility housing convicted felons who spend a portion of their day at work in the community but reside in the halfway house during nonworking hours. I believe that halfway houses provides the best opportunity for an inmate to reintegrate into society because besides all the programs that
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Unformatted text preview: are designed to help the inmates both regular services helping the inmate adjust but also some halfway houses also offer special services designed to cope with inmates suffering from alcohol, drug, or mental related problems. There should be a transitional period so not only the inmate can get a true sense of what to expect and can be aided better but also the corrections department can better assess how well the inmate is going to handle the changes that will result in returning to the community....
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