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Similarities and differences in the adult and juvenile justice system are the following. In the adult decisions are made as result of adversarial system in context of due process rights where in the juvenile are made as a result of inquiry into needs of juvenile within context of some due process elements. The jurisdiction of adults is the violation of criminal law where for juveniles it is violation of criminal law, status offenses, neglect, and dependency. The primary sanctioning goals for adults is retribution, deterrence, and rehabilitation where for juveniles it is just retribution and rehabilitation. The role of the prosecuting and defense attorneys for adults is required and formalized but for juveniles is sometimes required, less structured, and poor role definition. Adjudication for adults requires procedural rules of evidence in public jury
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Unformatted text preview: trial but for juveniles it is has a less formal structure to rules of evidence and conduct of trial and has no right to public trial or jury in most states. Treatment programs for adults are run primarily by public agencies but for juveniles they use both private and public agencies. Application of the Bill of Rights amendments the Fourth Amendment applies to both. The Fifth Amendment applies to both except in juvenile double jeopardy is applied when waived to adult court and Miranda warnings are not required. The Sixth Amendment applies to both except in juvenile cases the right to public trial/trial by jury only applies to less than half the states. The Fourteenth Amendment only applies to juveniles....
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