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ITU - Telecommunication Standardization Sector Temporary D ocument 066(PLEN) STUDY GROUP 15 Geneva, 15-26 October 2001 Question(s): Q14/15 SOURCE*: Editor G.7712/Y.1703 TITLE: Draft Revision of G.7712/Y.1703 (ex.G.dcn), Version 1.1 __________________ This TD provides version 1.1 for draft Revision of G.7712/Y.1703 (ex.G.dcn). * Contact: Carmine Daloia Lucent Technologies Tel: +1 732 949 5369 Fax: +1 732 949 3210 E-mail: [email protected] Attention: This is not a publication made available to the public, but an internal ITU-T Document intended only for use by the Member States of the ITU, by ITU-T Sector Members and Associates, and their respective staff and collaborators in their ITU related work. It shall not be made available to, and used by, any other persons or entities without the prior written consent of the ITU-T. /VAR/FILECABINET/TEMP/CONVERTER_ASSETS/F3/7A/F37A18DC6A76D9FA971C1A569DD3FB7515E0E641.DOC 09.10.17
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2 ITU-T DRAFT NEW RECOMMENDATION G.7712/Y.1703 ARCHITECTURE AND SPECIFICATION OF DATA COMMUNICATION NETWORK Summary This Recommendation defines the architecture requirements for a Data Communications Network (DCN) which may support distributed management communications related to the Telecommunications Management Network (TMN), distributed signalling communications related to the Automatic Switched Transport Network (ASTN), and other distributed communications (e.g., Orderwire or Voice Communications, Software Download). The DCN architecture considers networks that are IP-only, OSI-only, and mixed (i.e., support both IP and OSI). The interworking between parts of the DCN supporting IP-only, parts supporting OSI-only, and parts supporting both IP and OSI are also specified. Various applications (e.g., TMN, ASTN, etc.) require a packet based communications network to transport information between various components. For example, the TMN requires a communications network, which is referred to as the Management Communications Network (MCN) to transport management messages between TMN components (e.g., NEF component and OSF component). ASTN requires a communications network, which is referred to as the Signaling Communications Network (SCN) to transport signaling messages between ASTN components (e.g., CC components). This recommendation specifies data communication functions that can be used to support one or more application’s communications network. The data communications functions provided in this recommendation support connection-less network services. Additional functions may be added in future versions of this recommendation to support connection-oriented network services. Source and history This Recommendation forms part of a suite of Recommendations covering transport networks. Document history Issue Notes 1.0 Output of Q14/15 October 2001 meeting 1.1 Output of Q14/15 April 2002 meeting Keywords Data Communication Network, Internet Protocol (IP), Open System Interface (OSI).
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