Com 425 notes test 2

Com 425 notes test 2 - I ndividual Rewards Costs Proximity...

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Unformatted text preview: I ndividual Rewards Costs Proximity Familiar ity Physical att raction Reciprocity Similar ity (dissimilar it y) Com 425 (3-13-08) Needs Dyadic Attachment The three things that people ultimately want and feel like they need. These are the rewards that people suggest they want o Warmth & loyalty o Attractiveness & vitality o Status & resources In the relational sense men and women have some differences. For women attractiveness is the least important to women. The others are very important to them, that is to say that that is the one thing that they are willing to sacrifice on a global level if the other two are taken care of in a very secure way. As economic stature changes women are becoming more self sufficient we are seeing less and less of the status & resources need. Our needs are driven very much by our primitive drive. Women look for different things based on their ovulation. During ovulation they subconsciously look for more of the aggressive male based on our history because they were able to provide in our earlier versions of humans. When they are not on their period then they look for more soft featured men. As for men that are why men by and large are looking for larger breasted women, they look for fertility. Proximity you have to be around people to like them. Now with the online world this has changed a bit in the sense that now you can keep close contact. This builds a familiarity and more of an ability to generate a cost/rewards analysis. Romantically this is so important because we need the closeness and touching, affection, and facial expressiveness. We have difficulty not having the close proximity. The more we see people (mirror exposure effect) it is much easier to lower uncertainty. We see people as more attractive just because we have seen them more, even if we have never talked to them before. Link between familiarity and proximity is bound by a [+/-] affect. So the more you are around someone the more it accentuates the initial evaluation of the individual. If you want people to want you, you need to fulfill the three major need and if they initially like you then you can utilize proximity to allow them to grow closer to you. Physical attractiveness all other things considered if you are judged as being attractive you are generally seen as more attractive. Brem notes the more attractive you are the more cynical you are (suspicious and wary) because you learn that because you are hot you know people use you for that. They see over time that people lie to them just to take advantage of their beauty. There are 3 major things that are looked at when assessing beauty: 1. Weight (body type) - globally and historically weird. Throughout most of human history the principle concern is food, will I get enough food to survive....
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Com 425 notes test 2 - I ndividual Rewards Costs Proximity...

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