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report5,#1 - include Cumulous cells Zona Pellucida and...

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Theresa Gorecki 2-12-08 ANS 069 Question #1 In this report, I will be discussing the importance of capacitation, the acrosome reaction, and the cortical reaction. Capacitation is the process in which the plasma membrane around spermatozoa is dissolved and acrosome enzymes are exposed. The plasma membrane is dissolved by the female anatomy, this is not fully understood at this point, but allows for the acrosome reaction to occur. This is the second layer around the spermatozoa, which allows it to digest it’s way through the many barriers of an oocyte. These
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Unformatted text preview: include Cumulous cells, Zona Pellucida, and oolemma. The corticle reaction occurs at the moment that spermatozoa joins with the oocyte. This results in a block that is binding to all other spermatozoa. In order for this to happen, the corticlal granules basically go from inside the vitelline membrane to the outside of it in order to block the spermatozoa. This process is important because it lowers the occurrence of multiple spermatozoa to fertilize one oocyte, thus avoiding polyspermy as well as triploidy....
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