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report 3, #1 - would be considered Knuckle to knuckle...

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Theresa Gorecki ANS 069 1-29-08 Question #1 While in the lab downstairs on January 22, 2008, Just being able to see the reproductive tract of each different species made a world of difference. Previous to this experience, I had got the concept of the different textures of each species’ cervix, but until I got to look at them I hadn’t understood completely, for example, how a sow’s cervix
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Unformatted text preview: would be considered Knuckle to knuckle. Another thing that helped in the lab was being able to look at the fetuses. To be able to see the relationship between fetus and mother as well as watch as the Uterine horns were cut open to see how the caruncles attach from the uterine horn to the fetus....
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