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Theresa Gorecki 2-5-08 ANS 069 Question #2 During the week of January 28 th , the differences in Hormones during estrus became a bit clearer to me. Although I got the point that in order for one hormone to kick in, another needed to fade away, the graph illustrated in 7.1 helped a lot to see how Estradiol is always present, but will come in different waves. When a wave of estradiol is rising, LH spikes. As LH is coming down, the female begins
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Unformatted text preview: metestrus. As LH comes down, estradiol goes up gradually then lowers and progesterone begins to rise. At this point, progesterone will plateau and the female goes into diestrus. If pregnancy occurs, progesterone will remain at the same level, if not it will drop back down, at which point estraiol will wave again and LH will again spike, bringing the animal back into proestrus....
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