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Theresa Gorecki 1-14-08 ANS069 #1 I had not previously known that bovine were not seasonal breeders, I find this to be quite interesting because I knew that they had a “breeding season”. Even more interesting was that beef cattle are managed to be seasonal breeders rather than being bred for the entire year. Where as sheep, who are seasonal breeders, can be brought back into estrus with light therapy so that
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Unformatted text preview: they can be bred twice in a year. It seems to me that if you were able to breed year round, you would do so to keep up your product. Therefore, I don’t entirely understand why beef cattle are managed to have a “breeding season”. I suppose it would be necessary to have an off season, both for the longevity of the livestock and so that breeders have time to handle the herds....
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