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The celebration - Mitchell Dwelley Dogme 95 was a...

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Mitchell Dwelley Dogme 95 was a expermential filmmaking process started in 1995 by two Danish directors Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg. This new process was to break away from the norm. of Hollywood high budget moviess. In Dogme 95 the shooting is done on location with a standard handheld camera. The sound and lighting is all natural not being tinkered with after the shot. Lars von Trier once said "In a business of extremely high budgets, we figured we should balance the dynamic as much as possible." However, Dogme 95 has positive and negative aspects to it. This is very visible in Lars von Trier's film The Celebration. The Celebration is the story of a family gathering to celebrate their father's 60th birthday. At the birthday dinner, his eldest son publicly accuses him of sexually abusing and raping both him and his sister, who recently committed suicide. The style of Dogme 95 enhanced the family aspect of the movie. By filming with a handheld camera it looked like you were watching old family movies rather than a film. Also, the handheld cameras
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