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lesson 2b - The case entitled"What Do You Mean I'm Not...

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The case entitled “What Do You Mean I’m Not Getting A Raise?” at the end of Shockley-Zalabak (pp 25-26) illustrates that even though the same message was given the same meaning was not received. All receivers were given the press release exactly as it was written from corporate headquarters or the source. Just because the words in a message are the same does not mean that everyone understands the meaning of the words used especially in the context intended. Factors that contributed to the outcome of the communication process in this case include. The source may have taken for granted that the decoding of the message would be received with same communication competence, not taking into consideration the receivers past experience or their perception of the competence of the source. The channel used seem to be auditory alone and not visual which some people better understand messages they can see not just hear. Any noise that may have led to
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