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Lesson 06 Assignment

Lesson 06 Assignment - for meetings would be cost...

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I believe that a self-managing team-based organizational structure is compatible with traditional hierarchical structure mainly because they are the same thing. Traditional has a leader and in a self-managing group as with any group in society a leader is selected. A main differences is the freedom of expression of new ideas by team members would not be generally found nor sought after in a more traditional structure and system of communication used in traditional it is vertical where team-based is horizontal. Self-managing team is a type of traditional hierarchical structure The circumstances that an organization would find self-managing teams to be an efficient use of its resources might be where a company is using cutting edge technology and has to change procedures unlike traditional where the norms and procedures become resistant to change, people are separated by distance and to gather them together regularly
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Unformatted text preview: for meetings would be cost ineffective so you might use technology to communicate virtually with the geographically diverse team members, short term goals or projects must be accomplished which do not require such as the type specifically designed for a project team, . The circumstances an organization would find self-managing teams to be counter-productive or inefficient might be conditions found in a prefab group where the work has been meticulously laid out and rigidly organized so that a group of people with any prior experience of working together can quickly form a group to accomplish a set goal or any situation that requires or calls for accountability with traditional structures that have a clear chain of command there is a direct path of accountability such as in a paramilitary structure like that found in the police....
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