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Lesson 07 Assignment

Lesson 07 Assignment - I will be examining the problem...

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I will be examining the problem faced by Joan Murphy concerning her assignment at Ridgefield Shopping Center and the problem resulting from department remodeling, which limited the space to bring in new competitive lines. Three new lines had been proposed but due to limited spacing only one line could be stocked. The method I have chosen is the nominal group process and consensus because it combines both individual and group participation. It is a good choice because Joan is new to the system and with its six steps tends to be ideal for situations where tensions levels are high such ass they would be here. The participants of the nominal group process would be Joan as coordinator and also junior sportswear buyers, the top salespeople from the floor, and the floor manager. Step one would be all participants generating ideas in writing then the coordinator collects them. Step two is called a round-robin listing of ideas which is when the ideas
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