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Lesson 10 Assignment

Lesson 10 Assignment - approach requires communication to...

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I believe of the four approaches to leadership (trait, style, situational, or transformational) that transformational best describes what leadership is. Transformational approach is a leadership style that explores how leaders motivate followers by personal example, through appeals to higher-level needs, and by the establishment of vision. Since it has been suggested that transformational leaders demonstrate the five primary characteristics, which are creative, interactive, visionary, empowering, and passionate. Perhaps it is because being an army/navy brat that transformational approach most appeals to me because the most revered military leaders are not those that take a laissez-faire approach or even an autocratic one. Leaders like Douglas MacArthur led by example, he never asked his subordinates to do something he himself was not willing to do regardless of the risk to himself. Now transformational
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Unformatted text preview: approach requires communication to be extremely important. Now three processes fall under transformational approach empowerment, dispersed leadership, and superleadership. Empowerment gives the maximum amount of power to do as a job as they see fit; includes both responsibility and accountability for work performed which can lead to dispersed leadership responsibilities broadly distributed throughout an organization, which could ultimately lead to superleadership or the process of leading others to lead themselves and possibly making them leaders of not just themselves but of others again very similar to a para-military structure style. In how soldiers if properly trained to become leaders would help subordinates to become leaders as well even as a Christian this approach was used by Jesus which allowed his disciples to continue his message long after he had departed....
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