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Cover letter - were successfully completed because I am a...

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November 17, 2006 Executive Assistant Hunt Library Carnegie Mellon University 5000 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890 To whom it may concern: Subject: Social Sciences Librarian Position (Reference No. HL 1-06) Volunteering at libraries, working with families, and obtaining my social sciences degree has readied me for the position of Social Sciences Librarian that you advertised.. For over five years I have volunteered at two libraries which has allowed me the opportunity to become familiar with the inner workings of the library system. Specifically, I have knowledge of print and electronic information resources and information technologies. During all of my volunteer work I have had to interact with the library staff as well as the public to accomplish my assignments. These assignments
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Unformatted text preview: were successfully completed because I am a team player and have good written, oral and interpersonal communication skills. In addition to my library experiences,, my twelve years as a nanny sharpened my problem solving skills as well as improved my response time. Upon my graduation from Penn State University in 2008 I will have obtained my Bachelor’s in Social Sciences. Some of the subjects I will then have experience in are computer classes, public policy classes, and statistics classes. . After reviewing my qualifications, I would appreciate your contacting me to explore employment opportunities at Carnegie Mellon University. Sincerely, Herman G. Ehrentraut, III 293 Locust Avenue Washington, PA 15301 Phone: 724-207-0358 Email: [email protected]
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