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Early, early America-082 - Major Farming Communities of...

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The Western Hemisphere before European Contact Early,  Early  America Ice Age, 75,000 years ago Beringia and Paleo-Indians Migrations Earth warming Clovis peoples, circa 10,000 BCE Peopling the Americas, circa 8000 CBE Change & Adaption Technologies Diverse Cultures Neolithic Revolution (Farming) Middle East 11,000 years ago Mesoamerica, 10,000 years ago
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Unformatted text preview: Major Farming Communities of Western Hemisphere • Central America • Mayan • Toltec & Aztec • Eastern Woodlands Indians: Adena, Hopewell • Mississippian 15 th century: • Western hemisphere population comparable to Europe • Several hundred distinct language groups • Several civilizations had already risen and fallen...
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