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EurDiscWH-otlne-079 - • Late 16 th century exploration in...

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European Discovery of Western Hemisphere European Explorations of 15 th  c:  WHY?  HOW? Population pressures Shorter route to East New sailing and navigational technology Renaissance learning and curiosity Consolidation of European monarchies Columbus Spain -->  New Spain Conquest of Central America & Peru (Aztecs, 1521; Incas, 1535) Gold Colonization
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Unformatted text preview: • Late 16 th century exploration in US Southwest • Disease • Defeat of Spanish Armada, 1588 France --> New France • Fur Trade, Quebec • River explorations, expansion of trade, settlements • Defeat of Iroquois, 1665 • Louisiana Dutch --> New Netherlands • Delaware Bay, Hudson River, Henry Hudson • New Amsterdam, 1624...
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