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GrAw&Enltmnt-082 - • Old Light Backlash The...

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The Great Awakening and  The Englightenment The Great Awakening What happened? Definition and overview Theological orthodoxy (+ or -) New type of preaching and “enthusiasm” --Frelinghuysen, Tennant, Edwards, Whitefield New Lights and Old Lights Challenge to authority and to Established Religion Why did it happen? Anxiety and guilt re change Consequences Unifying influence Encouraged religious pluralism
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Unformatted text preview: • Old Light Backlash The Enlightenment • Faith in human reason • Faith in possibility of progress • Environmentalism • Newtonian Science: natural laws of universe • John Locke, “Essay on Human Understanding”--“tabula rasa”, experience informs thinking--Individual is real; society is artificial creation--social contract, natural rights, civil government...
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