Imperial Reforms and Colonial Resistance-082

Imperial Reforms and Colonial Resistance-082 - War debt...

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Imperial Reforms and Colonial Resistance “...from careful statecraft and political compromise . ..[to] inflexible responses by British  ministers and passionate agitation by Patriot leaders. ..”    (Henretta, et. al.) Colonies, 1760s Experience of French-Indian War Intra-colony strife:  Paxton Boys (Penn.), Regulator Movements (Carolinas) Consumer Revolution and increased debt Post-war recession British Concerns and Imperial Reforms
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Unformatted text preview: War debt Colonial non-compliance with Navigation Acts Concern to maintain empire Revenue Act, 1762 Sugar Act, 1764 Stamp Act, 1765 Declaratory Act, 1766 Townshend Revenue Acts, 1767 Colonial Resistance Why? What?--Crowds and Crowd Actions--Sons of Liberty--Intercolonial communication and cooperation--non-importation movement...
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