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New England Puritanism: Theology, Mission, Church, and Society Puritanism Plymouth Colony, 1629 Massachusetts Bay Colony, 1630 Theology Omnipotence of God; depravity of humankind Predestination, Election, and God’s wrath Conversion, grace, sanctification Mission:   “…we shall be as a City on a Hill” (Winthrop, MBC) Family:  nuclear, patriarchal; model of order and hierarchy Church --congregational organization
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Unformatted text preview: --membership limited to “elect”--attendance required by law--sermon (as opposed to ceremony) = central • Civil Government--not a theocracy--to sustain the “holy commonwealth”--broad franchise: limited to church members • Society and Economy--communities and land distribution--work ethic--“holy watching”--no tolerance of dissent--diversified economy--prosperous...
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