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1. Compared to interstitial fluid that bathes tissue cells, blood in arteries reaching these cells has: a. higher p CO 2 b. higher p O 2 c. lower pH d. lower p O 2 1. The blood flow rate returning from the pulmonary capillary bed is ______ the blood flow rate in the aorta. a. higher than b. lower than c. the same as 1. The ‘pacemaker’ of the heart is the a. Sinoatrial node b. aterioventricular node c. heart apex node 1. “Lub” in the heart sound “lub-dup” is created by: a. semilunar valves opening b. semilunar valves closing c. AV valves opening d. AV valves closing 1. A special cell type in bone marrow that can become erythrocytes or leucocytes is:
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Unformatted text preview: a. polymorphic b. indeterminate c. determinate d. pluripotent e. polypotent True/False 1. The initial response to a break in a blood vessel is the formation of fibrinogen. 2. The high efficiency of avian respiratory systems is due to additional alveoli in air sacs which supplement the lungs. 3. The Bohr shift predicts that hemoglobin will more readily release O 2 at higher pH. 4. The chloride shift replaces HCO 3-with Cl-as HCO 3-diffuses out of erythrocytes. 5. In normal countercurrent flow in fish gills, the % O 2 in blood is always lower than in water....
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