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TC_Chapter_Problems_1[1] Week 1

TC_Chapter_Problems_1[1] Week 1 - HLTH 501 B RITTANY G RAY...

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HLTH 501 B RITTANY G RAY WEEK 1 CHAPTER QUESTIONS W EEK 1 P ROBLEMS —30 POINTS 6 points per problem. Put answers in the following table: 1. A-3 B-10 C-7 D-8 E-6 F-2 G-1 H-9 I-4 J-5 2. Type of study: Nested Case Control Study Strengths: The study identifies the relationship between smoking and pancreatic cancer. Weaknesses: With 50 participants, the number to me seems smalls to be determine the outcome for this case. 3. Type of study: Randomized controlled trial Strengths: The study identifies so much information that more information can be determined beyond the proposed study. In addition, the study provides great details to support the case study. Weaknesses: The results may not reflect real life applications. Futhermore, the selection of patients may be too specific. Page 1 of 4
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HLTH 501 4. C.-Cohort Study 5. A. Randomized Controlled Trial 1. Answer the following matching question. Term Description A. Bias __3__ 1. No random assignment B. Clinical Trial _10___ 2. Strongly associated with outcome C. Confounding __7__ 3.
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