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lesson 1 assign2 - I also support the ideas as written in...

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I believe that religious tolerance is more needed now in this world of telecommunication and Internet where borders are fading fast. My own idea of religious tolerance comes from growing up in different areas and being exposed to various cultures and religions. I support the idea of separation of church and state so long as one’s religion does not interfere with another’s civil rights as Locke wrote about in describing the role of a magistrate when it came to matters of religion.
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Unformatted text preview: I also support the ideas as written in the edicts of how religion should not be forced on others and to do so is an evil act. Religion I feel is about choice but not just a blind one but a well informed one so I do not end up like one of the blind men in the parable the “blind men and the elephant”. Historically speaking when it comes to politics and religion it very rarely seems to work out....
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