FLUIDSHW1 - PGE 312 - FALL 2003 Physical and Chemical...

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Physical and Chemical Behavior of Petroleum Fluids Homework 1- Key 1/7 1. The table below gives the hydrocarbons which have been identified in the gasoline fraction of a crude oil. Identify the paraffins, naphtenes, and aromatics and draw the molecular structure of each Hydrocarborn Type Cyclopentene Naphtene /(Alicyclic Hidroc.) 2,2-Dimethylbutane Paraffin (Alkane) 2,3-Dimethylbutane Paraffin (Alkane) 2-Methylpentane Paraffin (Alkane) 3- Methylpentane Paraffin (Alkane) n-Hexane Paraffin (Alkane) Methylcyclopentane Naphtene /(Alicyclic Hidroc.) 2,2-Dimethylpentane Paraffin (Alkane) 2,4-Dimethylcyclohexane Naphtene /(Alicyclic Hidroc.) 1,1-Dimethylcyclopentane Naphtene /(Alicyclic Hidroc.) 2-methylhexane Paraffin (Alkane) 2,3-Dimethylpentane Paraffin (Alkane) trans-1,3-Dimethylcyclopentane Naphtene /(Alicyclic Hidroc.) trans-1,2-Dimethylcyclopentane Naphtene /(Alicyclic Hidroc.) 3-Methylhexane Paraffin (Alkane) n-Heptane Paraffin (Alkane) Methylcyclohexane Naphtene /(Alicyclic Hidroc.) Benzene Aromatic Toluene Aromatic Ethylbenzene Aromatic p-Xylene Aromatic m-Xylene Aromatic o- Xylene Aromatic Isopropylbenzene Aromatic n-Propylbenzene Aromatic The following are very useful links which can give further information about hydrocarbon naming- rules: http://www.chem.qmul.ac.uk/iupac/ http://www.acdlabs.com/iupac/nomenclature/ http://webbook.nist.gov/chemistry/
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FLUIDSHW1 - PGE 312 - FALL 2003 Physical and Chemical...

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