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Chapter 9 The Internet - Chapter 9 The Internet 1 Computer...

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Chapter 9 The Internet 1. Computer Timeline 1822 The Difference Engine 1943 Colossus 1969 ARPANET 1972 Alto, first personal computer? 1975 Altair 1991 The Web is born 2000 AOL Time Warner is born 2004 Apple Commercializes online music 2. Before the PC 1. Pioneers Babbage & Byron Atanasoff Turing Mauchly & Eckert 2. IBM Mainframes 3. Early Networks SAGE SABRE Arpanet Review Questions 9.1 Who invented the computer? Was the invention of the computer technologically determined or culturally determined? 9.2 What provided the impetus for the first computer networks? How do you explain their spread in terms of media theory? 3. Personal Computing 1. The first PCs Alto Altair Apple II 2. Information Services Videotex BBS 3. IBM and Wintel 4. Multimedia computing Macintosh Hypertext 5. The Web is Born Arpanet Internetworking HTML Dot Coms 6. The Web goes mainstream Broadband Advertising and pay content
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Review Questions 9.3 What contributions did Apple Computer make to the development of personal computing? And why couldn't they dominate the industry?
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