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Unformatted text preview: Exploration of Engineering Design EngE 1114 - Week 1 EngE 1114, Spring 2008 Engineering Education Is this class for you? YES if you plan to major in ChE, AOE, BSE, CEE, ChE, ESM, ISE, MSE, ME, Or MinE NO if: You plan to major in CS, CpE, or EE You have taken ENGE 1104 and earned a C- or better You have NOT earned a C- or better in ENGE 1024 If you have questions about taking this class see your advisor or one of the instructors Engineering Education The Instructional Team Lecturers Prof. Goff [email protected] Prof. Knott [email protected] Prof. Lo [email protected] Prof. Williams [email protected]edu Prof. Terpenny [email protected] Workshop Leaders Jeff Bolton, Jordan Farina, James Pembridge, Susanna Schmidt Tim Janezic, Rhonda Phillips, Karen Scott Raj Kesharwani, Shreya Kothaneth, Aly Tawfik Engineering Education 1 Course materials are available on Blackboard (http://learn.vt.edu) EngE 1114 S08 Common Site Syllabus, Course Policy and other documents Reading and Homework Assignments Announcements If you DO NOT have access to the common BB site email [email protected] Workshop BB site EngE1114 S08 CRN (Workshop Leader) Workshop specific information (grades) Engineering Education The Engineer of 2020 Vision of the 2020 Committee Engineering Education Educators and engineers take a proactive effort to address technology and societal changes New strategic planning tools to reconstitute curricula Prepare students for careers in a world of rapid change and low predictability Be responsive to disparate learning styles and career interests Engineering Education A Modular Approach to the course Graphics Communication Hand Sketching Computer Aided Design Design/Drafting Teamwork (INVENTOR) Project Management Design Process Algorithm Development Flowcharting Programming in MATLAB Engineering Education 2 Just Do It! On a sheet of paper Print your name Select an object you can see in this room and describe its appearance in words. Do NOT identify the object by name Do NOT describe what it does Introduce yourself to neighbor and exchange papers Print your name Sketch the object described. HOW DID YOU DO? Could you figure out what the object is? How closely does your sketch match the actual object? Engineering Education Rationale for Learning Graphics Communication 92% of the design process is graphically based To help visualize concepts and ideas To communicate concepts To document a solution Standards and Conventions Create a common language Facilitate communication A Total View of Engineering Divided into Its Major Activities (Bertoline , 2006) Engineering Education Learning Objectives Produce and interpret drawings appropriate to various engineering disciplines Analyze and create 2D and 3D sketches to communicate graphically Demonstrate facility with 2D and 3D computer aided engineering software Figures from Bertoline, Fundamentals of Graphics Communication, 2004 Engineering Education 3 What is Design? Definition of Design "Engineering design is the process of devising a system, component, or process to meet desired decisionneeds. It is a decision-making process (often iterative), in which the basic science and mathematics and engineering sciences are applied to convert resources optimally to meet a stated objective." (ABET) Engineering Education What is Design? Design Problem Characteristics OpenOpen-ended IllIll-structured Iterative Documented Design Methodology Clarification of Design Task Conceptual Design Preliminary Design Detailed Design and Documentation Engineering Education Who Does Design? CS & ECE AOE ME CEE Boeing, 787 Dreamliner ISE CHE & MSE Engineering Education 4 Rationale for Learning Design Methodology for Approaching All Types of Design Problems How to scope open-ended problems How to think critically How to deal with uncertainty Applicable to all types of engineering problems Prescriptive Method for Design Creativity and innovation Selection amongst alternatives Teaming Planning Engineering Education Conceptual Tools Design Project Spring 2008 Working with actual community clients Through VT Engage and Service-Learning Center Using teams of 5 or 6 engineering students Having a sustainable future as a theme Research organizations' energy and resource use profile and design solutions or other client negotiated projects Executive summaries of progress, presentations, and poster session Engineering Education Learning Objectives for Design Project Understand the engineering design process Demonstrate basic project management Communicate engineering information Participate in a major team design project Improve ability to work in a team Improve negotiating skills Improve interpersonal communication skills Improve relationship between VT campus and the community Participate in VT Engage and Service-Learning Have Fun with engineering design Engineering Education 5 Rationale for Learning Algorithm Development An algorithm is a step by step set of instructions Upper level courses in most departments will require the use of a computer to generate results (answers) for some problems. Even engineers who don't routinely write programs themselves should have a basic understanding of the constructs used in programming. Engineering Education Learning Objectives Demonstrate the ability to write computer programs for engineering analysis if Best ==1 %determine the linear constants [m,b] = LSR(X,Y,N); %calculate Y values on best fit line and plot for J = 1:1:N Yfit(J) = m*X(J)+b; end figure(1) plot(X,Yfit,'-'); hold on plot(X,Y,'o') plot(X,Y,'.') xlabel(Xtext) ylabel(Ytext) title(Ttext) %output equation fprintf('\nThe equation of the best fit line is:') fprintf('\n %s = %.3f %s + %.3f',Yname,m,Xname,b) fprintf('\n for %s in %s, %s in %s\n',Xname,Xunit,Yname,Yunit) Engineering Education Required Texts, Software, Equipment Texts: D&L: Engineering Design: A Project-Based Introduction (2nd Ed) by C. Dym and P. Little, 2004 Bertoline: Introduction to Graphics Communications for Engineers (3rd Ed) by G. Bertoline, 2006 Shih: Parametric Modeling with Autodesk Inventor 2008 by R. Shih, 2007 Software: Inventor 2008 MatLab 2007 Microsoft Visio 2007 DyKnow Software must be installed prior to any class in which it will be used. Not having the software installed will result in a ZERO on any in-class exercise requiring the software. Equipment COE approved Tablet computer Engineering Education 6 Class meetings You are expected to attend all class meetings One 50 minute lecture / week One 110 minute workshop/week Attendance will be taken in workshop Thursday evening special events as announced Thursday Jan 24 7pm Special Lecture Thursday Feb 21 7pm Test 1 Thursday April 17 7pm Test 2 You must register for CRN 10018 Free Time Thursday 7-9:50pm If you sign up for a class during this time you cannot expect the Instructor of that course to excuse you to attend ENGE 1114 event, neither will we arrange an alternate test for you. Engineering Education Semester Grade* Homework Quizzes and Class-work Test 1 Graphics Test 2 Programming Team Design Project Final Exam 10% 10% 20% 20% 20% 20% *with minimum requirements outlined on next page Engineering Education *Minimum Grade Requirements Your individual project grade must be at least 60% to pass this class Team members will be evaluated by teammates Individual project grade based on team grade and peer evaluation Your average on all programming assignments must be at least 60% to pass this class Programming average will be based on programming homework (20%), quizzes and in-class work (20%), and Test 2 (60%). Assignments used in calculation of programming average will be identified when assigned. Engineering Education 7 Appropriate use of computers Using IM or email, playing games, watching movies, and surfing the web are inappropriate activities during class time. Professional Background and Screen Savers Keep virus protection updated. If electronic submission is required a file with virus earns a 0. Engineering Education Computer Problems It is assumed that you own a computer that 2007meets the College of Engineering 2007-08 computer requirements No accommodations will be made for students who do not. If you experience computer problems Contact SWAT (http://swat.eng.vt.edu) confirmation of problem, help, loaners Other resources see Course Policy on BB Printing Software Engineering Education Homework Neatness and format count! Homework not submitted when collected is LATE. Late homework will be accepted only with suitable proof of extenuating circumstances (such as illness) Each student will be offered a one time exception Late work must be submitted to your workshop leader prior to your next lecture. Lowest homework grade will be dropped. Homework is to be completed individually unless otherwise stated. Engineering Education 8 Quizzes and Class-work ClassclassExpect a quiz and/or graded class-work each week With appropriate documentation, Students who miss a quiz or graded class exercise will be excused or asked to do a makeup Requests to be excused must be submitted to your workshop leader within one week of the absence quiz/classThe lowest quiz/class-work grade will be dropped Engineering Education Other Expectations Bring appropriate supplies to class Check BB for announcements Read email from the instructional team Be professional: on time attendance, refrain from distracting side conversations, no cell phones in class, appropriate screen savers, know and spell your workshop leader's and team members' names correctly Embrace the VT Principles of Community Engineering Education Assignments and Announcements Preparation for Workshop THIS WEEK There will be a QUIZ! Read the Complete Course Policy (Common BB site) Read Bertoline Chapter 1 Review sketching from ENGE 1024 No lecture next week (MLK holiday) Workshops will meet There will be a required THURSDAY evening lecture (Jan 24) HW 1 due in week 2 workshop will be posted on the common BB site. You will need to install INVENTOR instructions at http://swat.eng.vt.edu . SWAT install "nights" : Thur 1/17 6pm-8pm Durham 154 Engineering Sat 1/19 3pm-5pm Education 9 ...
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