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02/20/08 Social Democracy in Sweden 1. Underlying values (of social democracy) a. Similarities and differences to the values underlying liberal democracy i. In-between Marxism and liberal democracy, balance b/w individual liberty and social equality (solidarity, protection) b. Social democracy as a full democracy i. Focuses on REAL issues in elections – 80% of the population votes ii. Swedish economy is 90% in private hands 2. Driving forces of Social democracy in Sweden a. The importance of universal suffrage i. One element of political equality (1 person = 1 vote) ii. The average citizen who must obey the laws should be asked before a new one is made b. The importance of collective organization i. Translating large numbers of people into political influence, so elite’s power diminishes ii. Working class people rose to the challenge and became the original leaders iii. Trade unions are the backbone of social democracy iv. They are not just interest groups, they are a way of life. People grow up in these
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Unformatted text preview: groups, and they are important for collective unity c. The rise of the labor movement i. Fusion between trade unions and social democratic party 3. Historical origins of Swedish Social Democracy a. Social-structural Factors i. History of feudalism in Europe, society organized in status differences 1. When the guild system was the economy, a person was born into their trade 2. If you were born into a category and you wanted to move up, you could not do it ii. It was natural to want to move up your social status, so after feudalism it was natural to organize your entire group and attempt to move up like that, because alone you would not make it b. Political-institutional Factors i. In a Parliamentary system of government, the survival of the government depends on a strong majority 1. This leads to strong parties as a political incentive ii. Social democracy can provide strong/unified/disciplined parties...
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