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gov 312L, 02.13.08 - 3 The causes and consequences of...

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02/13/08 1. Repercussions of weakening party organizations a. Strong party organizations used to be able to mobilize people and encourage people to vote i. When a candidate lost, he would concede to his defeater ii. Since people don’t vote anymore, they don’t feel responsible to the winner if they don’t agree 2. The frequency of electoral deadlock (“divided government) a. Elections are indecisive, they don’t end up deciding who can lead the country b. One party controls congress, while the other party controls the presidency i. To win congressional elections, you need different preconditions than the executive ii. The party with more grassroots lobbying tends to win more congressional elections iii. People who are comparatively more extreme (activists) are more likely to be a part of grassroots lobbying iv. In the 60s there was more democratic grassroots lobbying than there are now v. Counter-mobilization by the republican party from 94 onward
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Unformatted text preview: 3. The causes and consequences of institutional combat a. Attack the other party b. Entrench a political party within institutions, i.e. welfare, health care, etc. 4. The emergence of a vicious cycle in politics a. Personal attacks (i.e. Clinton) b. Revelation, investigation, prosecution 5. Is the US really decaying into a semi-democracy? 02/13/08 a. Aggravation of the checks and balances b. Dual sovereignty is impossible (both sides tries to be the highest power in the country, but it is impossible) i. Unhealthy situation where the two branches don’t cooperate, but try to run the country according to their own designs c. the negative sides of checks&balances getting aggravated (constant deadlock, thing’s can’t get done) i. leads to semi-democracy d. feedback effect DON’T FORGET WORKSHEET!...
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gov 312L, 02.13.08 - 3 The causes and consequences of...

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