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gov 312L, 02.04.08 - 1 Social conservatives always been...

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02/04/08 How to assess “which is the best” democracy: 1. Participation, 2. Responsiveness, 3. accountability (of the citizens) Sweden’s citizens are the “happiest” Liberal Democracy in the US US most closely embodies liberal principles Introduction: From Principles to country Cases 1) The Liberal Tradition in the US a. Liberal values prevailing in US History i. Freedom in different spheres ii. Different definition of equality from socialists (no ‘safety net’): equality of opportunity, the starting point iii. Separation of church & state 1. “Private sphere” as protection against the state b. Why are liberal values so firmly entrenched? i. No European history of feudalism, kings & princes ii. It’s a country of immigrants, so the American values are the common bond b/w people, not the bloodline c. Challenges (mostly) from the left – and the right i. New deal, ect: asking for a stronger central gov’t ii. In the past 30 yrs, challenges to the liberal creed: the “Moral Majority”
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Social conservatives, always been skeptical of the free market (tensions w/in the rep. party) 2. i.e. Prayer in school 2) Liberal Safeguards in the Institutional Framework: embodies liberal values, determined to provide liberal safeguards to protect indiv. liberty a. The constitution (esp. Bill of Rights) i. Sets firm limits on permissible political behavior ii. Political framework that limits popular sovereignty 1. Very difficult to change iii. Bill of Rights guarantees individual freedoms b. Judicial Review i. A judiciary that can reign in the other 2 branches of the gov’t, so they don’t infringe on individual freedoms ii. Embodies liberal view of skepticism of pop. sovereignty 1. Marbury v. Madison, not actually written in the const. c. Separation of Powers: Checks & Balances i. Prevents abuse of power, very liberal idea ii. Cont. on wed....
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