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Direct Representative Marxian Held ch 4, 26 Social Equity Athens Held ch 1 Social Liberal Held ch 3, 2a Individual Liberty Mixture 01/18/08 Democracy 1. Direct v. Representative Democracy a. Direct: The citizens themselves make political decisions, i.e. Athenian, Marxian Democracy , Paris commune (1871) i. More truly democratic b. Representative: The citizens vote to authorize somebody else to make decisions on their behalf; decisions are collectively binding and reflect back on the citizens, i.e. 2. Direct Democracy in Athens a. Guiding Principles: i. Decision-making by the citizenry 1. Directly based on consent of the citizens ii. Perfect Political Equality 1. If it is put up to a vote, a rich person has more of a chance of being elected,
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Unformatted text preview: so this led to a lottery system 2. Emphasized rotation 3. Only Voted for positions that required expertise iii. Unlimited Political Authority 1. Full popular sovereignty, no checks & balances 2. No individual rights; collective > individual 3. Differences from Modern, Western Democracy a. Many people excluded b. We have representatives, not direct democracy 4. Is Direct Democracy Feasible in a large modern scale? –no 5. Should Modern States strengthen some elements of direct democracy a. Can you really trust the citizens to make such impt. Decisions? i. Issues are complex/linked, ect. b. Too many issues people don’t have time to research c. Extremists would have too much power (oligarchy)...
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