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Phys Notes Jan24 - Phys 2305 Y04-st 1 RECALL Newton's...

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Phys 2305 Y04-st 1 RECALL: Newton’s second law: The vector sum of forces (net force) acting on a body equals its mass times its acceleration. m a = X F = F total It follows that when a body is in equilibrium, the vector sum of the forces acting on it (the net force) must be zero. m a = X F and a = 0 X F = 0 ; in components: X F x = 0 , X F y = 0 , X F z = 0 . (Contact forces; not fundamental) When a body is in contact with a surface, that surface must exert a force on the body. This force can be represented in terms of a normal component perpendicular to the surface and a friction component parallel to the surface. The friction force depends on the character of the surfaces in contact and on whether or not the body is moving relative to the surface. f k = μ k N , f s μ s N Good systematic problem-solving technique is essential in solving problems in mechanics and in all other branches of physics. Intuition, analysis, and then precise mathematical formulation of the problem
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