chapter 4 - Permission Market Markets can direct...

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Unformatted text preview: Permission Market Markets can direct advertising and promotions only to people who give express permission to do so by indicating clearly that they opt-in to receiving offers through the mail or email. o Ex. 2004 Do Not Call Registry devised by the Federal Trade Communication is expected to include 60 million Americans phone numbers registered in an attempt to restrict telemarketing calls. Advertising Educates Consumers Pro: Advertising Informs o Equips consumers with the information they need to make informed purchase decisions o Reduces product search time: the amount of time an individual must spend to search for desired products and services is reduced because of advertising Con: Advertising is superficial and intrusive o Does not provide good product information at all and that it is so pervasive and intrusive to daily life that it is impossible to escape 95% of consumers considered themselves angry or furious over spam and pop-up ads. The so-called commerce-content crossoverproduct placement and the likewas rated as allowing advertising to become too pervasive by 72 percent of consumers surveyed IBP Box: Bud correctly realizes that they have a vested interest in the problems associated with over indulgence. Advertising improves the standard of living: Pro: advertising lowers the cost of products Con: advertising wastes resources an raises the standard of living only for some Advertising affects happiness and general well-being Con: advertising creates needs--makes people want to buy things they dont really need or even want Con: advertising promotes materialism Pro: advertising addresses a wide variety of basic human needs--physiological needs: biological needs that require the satisfaction of hunger, thirst, and basic bodily functions--safety needs: the need to provide shelter and protection for the body--love and belonging need: the need for affiliation and affection--esteem needs: the need for recognition, status, and prestige--self-actualization needs: this the highest of all the need states Pro: advertising only reflects societys priorities Stephen Fox: they are just producing an especially visible manifestation, god and bad, of the...
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chapter 4 - Permission Market Markets can direct...

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