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Chapter 10 Poets: the creatives from the ad agency—the art directors, copywriters, graphic artists, and accountant planners who are dedicated to making advertising exciting, aesthetic, compelling, and edgy Killers: clients—the marketing and strategy trained managers from the client who wield the anything but aesthetic bottom line sword against the poets’ creative prowess. The tale of Taco Bell and its Chihuahua The Chihuahua (“Yo quiero Taco Bell”) was an instant phenomenon. Sales rose almost 9% in first year; however, in the second year when they thought that the dog could be an icon for TB, sales went down to 1% growth. The dog was let go. 7 great minds of the 20 th century 1. Sigmund Freud 2. Albert Einstein 3. Pablo Picasso 4. Igor Stravinsky 5. T.S. Eliot 6. Martha Graham 7. Mahatma Gandhi All seven of these great creators were self-confident, alert, unconventional, hardworking, and committed
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Unformatted text preview: obsessively to their work The state of creativity on the web is gloomy . Most people accept that advertising is necessary to support the content that they want, but the onslaught of pop ups, and other downscale advertising is quickly wearing out. Consumers are responding to the Vegas-styled clutter of Web advertising with boycott. Adopters: tend to work within the existing paradigm (try to make things better) Innovators: try to do things differently (treat paradigm as part of the problem) Creativity is the ability to consider and hold together seemingly inconsistent elements and forces. This ability to step outside of everyday logic allows creative people to put things together in a way that, once we see it, makes complete sense....
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