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chapter 3 - Chapter 3 Reading Notes The Evolution of...

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Chapter 3 Reading Notes 1 The Evolution of Promoting and Advertising Brands Four Fundamental Influences on Evolution of Advertising 1. The rise of capitalism: the tenets of capitalism warrant that organizations compete for resources called capital in a free market environment. One of the tools used to stimulate demand is advertising. 2. The Industrial Revolution: an economic force that yielded the need for advertising. The basic force behind the rapid increase in mass production goods that required stimulation of demand, something that advertising can be very good at. 3. Manufacturers’ Pursuit of Power in the Channel of Distribution: if a manufacturer can stimulate sizable demand for a brand, then that manufacturer can develop power in the distribution channel and essentially force wholesalers and retailers to sell that particular brand. 4. The Rise of Modern Mass Media: the invention of the telegraph allowed for more rapid communication; national magazines allowed for national advertising;
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