e-Business - The Broadway Caf Improvements through...

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The Broadway Café: Improvements through e-Business Due to the increasing popularity of coffee houses, it has become time for the Broadway Café to make an important business decision. In competing against top national brands such as Starbucks and Beaners, it has become evident that we will need to adapt to the changing business environment in order to survive and thrive. What I propose will not only keep us competitive in the coffee industry, but will also increase profits and revenue. I strongly advise that we incorporate various elements of business-to-consumer, or B2C, and business-to-business, or B2B, e-Business into our normal daily operations. Through integrating B2C e-Business into our already established business model, we will be able to sell, promote, and make the Broadway Café more readily available to a larger and ever increasing number of consumers. Through the E-procurement selling of our coffee online to our customers, at next to no extra cost, we will be able to target a consumer base stretching from the Atlantic all the way to the Pacific. With our coffee being made readily available to consumers online, we will be able to reach whole new market segments. Our devoted clientele will no longer have to wait until they are in the area to get our coffee, it will be made available to them
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e-Business - The Broadway Caf Improvements through...

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