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Lecture 3-4 grg sec2 - Lecture Scales of Atmospheric Motion...

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Lecture 3-4-08 Scales of Atmospheric Motion Microscales Mesoscales large area ex: statewide Macroscale very small area ex: size of a building to the size of a city -Synoptic (weather map) scale -Global Scale Single Cell Atmospheric Circulation Model Simple enough… Created by George Hadley With higher pressure at the poles, sinking cold air flowed southward from the polar regions… once it got to the Equator, after warming, with lower pressure, air was lifted Simply enough… One big circulation cell TOO SIMPLE 3 Key Assumptions: 1. All water over the Earth 2. Sun always over the Equator 3. No rotation Result: -High pressure at the poles -Low pressure at the Equator Cold air flows toward tropics from poles (H to L) at the surface; Warm air flows toward poles from tropics aloft So, some of the excess energy at tropics is transferred to the poles In our real, rotating world the Coriolist Force and other factors cause the single cell to break up into three cells, each with its characteristic circulation pattern.
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Three Cell Atmospheric Circulation model 1. Tropical cell (Hadley cell) - Low latitude air movement toward the equator with heating, rises vertically, with poleward movement in the upper atmosphere. This forms a convection cell that dominates tropical and sub- tropical climates. 2. Midlatitude cell (Ferrel cell) - A mid-latitude mean atmospheric circulation cell for weather named by Ferrel in the 19th century. In this cell the air flows poleward and eastward near the surface and equatorward and westward at higher levels. 3. Polar cell - Air rises, diverges, and travels toward the poles. Once over the poles, the air sinks, forming the
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Lecture 3-4 grg sec2 - Lecture Scales of Atmospheric Motion...

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