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Chapter 10 Review CONTEXTS AND CONCEPTS Contexts: - The Expanding World: Vasco de Gama thought that there was a faster route to India. Then Pedro Alvares Cabral accidentally went to Brazil and claimed it for Portugal. Portugal dominated the spice trade. After Christopher Columbus, the rest of the world starting exploring the world as well. Hernando Cortes was head of the conquistadors , and sought to find treasure in the New World. He ran into the Aztecs, who were governed by Moctezuma. They thought that the conquistadores were gods, but it turns out they weren’t so the Aztecs got mad and tried to run them out of town. Hernan fought back and took over Tenochtitlan. - The Papal States: The church wanted to increase its power. They looked for leadership outside of the church. They wanted worldly people who could maintain power and make quick decisions. This included popes like Alexander VI and Julius II. Then pope Leo X came to power. He was in the Medici family and supported the arts. Because he was in the Medici family, he displayed his luxuries. Due to this, the church needed more money so they could keep looking rich and fancy, so they instigated more taxes to the masses. This is something that will lead to the reformation . Then the Spanish invasion of Rome brought the extravagances of the Renaissance to an end. This invasion was led by Charles V . He wanted to increase influence of the Spanish empire. - Spain’s Golden Century: King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella made Spain the strongest empire in the world. The siglo de oro (golden century), took place during the 16 th century. Charles V was the grandson of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, and he failed for three reasons: o Protestant Reformation disrupted Germany o The ottoman invasion caused the Hungarian monarchy to collapse and gave Charles an eastern warfront o Constant conflict with France.
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