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GRG Lecture 1 1-15-08 Weather- How it affects our lives Human beings Commerce Food prices Weather and Climate Terms to know… Weather Climate Atmosphere Meteorology History of Meteorology 340 bc- Aristotle created works entitled “Meteorologia” (very speculative and erroneous —works accepted without reservation for about 2000 years) 1593- thermometer developed (Gollen) 1643- barometer (Torricelli) Telegraph 1870s- division of telegrams and reports for the benefit of commerce under signal corp. (Dept. of War) 1891- Civilian US Weather Bureau developed in Dept. of Ag 1920- Air mass/ frontal theories developed by Norwegians
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Unformatted text preview: 1936- Elvis’ hometown Tupelo, Mississippi was hit by a level 4 or 4 tornado • 1880s-1940s- illegal to say tornado • 1940s- Aviation (WWII) upper air balloons and atmosphere multidimensional view of atmosphere • 1950s- High speed computers developed (age of atmospheric modeling begins) • 1957- conventional radars developed • 1960 – fist satellite TIROS I • 1970- US Weather Bureau name changed to NWS • 1974- worst tornado outbreak in US History Replaced “weather bunnies” on TV and put professional meteorologist on TV • 1980s- Doppler weather radars developed; wind profilers ( Doppler theory)...
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