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8/18/2015 1 Chapter 1A The Human Body: An Orientation Overview Anatomy and Physiology Levels of Structural Organization Life Functions & Survival Needs Homeostasis Anatomical Terms Overview of Anatomy Anatomy the study of the ________ of body parts Types of Anatomy Gross / Macroscopic Microscopic Developmental Specialized branches (several)
8/18/2015 2 Gross Anatomy Gross Anatomy - The study of structures large enough to be seen with the naked eye Regional all structures (bone, muscles, nerves, etc.) in one part of the body Systemic body structures studied by system Surface study of internal structures as they relate to the overlying skin Microscopic Anatomy Microscopic Anatomy the study of structures that are too small to be seen with the naked eye Cytology study of ____________ Histology study of ____________ *Combining forms (back cover of text) Developmental Anatomy Developmental Anatomy Traces structural changes in the body throughout life Embryology study of developmental changes before birth