lecture 2-5 ntr sec1 - Chapter 6 PROTEINS I....

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Chapter 6  PROTEINS I. Introduction-Definition  compounds composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen,  and nitrogen atoms, arranged into amino acids linked in a chain.  i. Protein is “expensive” energy source~ metabolically ii. We eat protein to make protein II. Amino Acids i. building blocks of proteins ii. DNA in protein~ active component iii. There are 21 amino acids: selenocysteine 21 st  in 1998 iv. III. Protein Synthesis  a. DNA-RNA-protein~  Replication of DNA  transcription  RNA translation  PROTEIN i. If essential amino acids are not present~ protein needed won’t be  produced b. Peptide bond~ condensation of carboxyl group (COOH) and Amino  giving off a water molecule IV. Protein Structure a. Primary~ amino acid sequence  b. Secondary~ folded, coiled structure c. Tertiary~ S-S; globular shape
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d. Quaternary~ protein-protein association V. Functions of Proteins
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lecture 2-5 ntr sec1 - Chapter 6 PROTEINS I....

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