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1 Dr. Rene Sanchez Introduction to Theology Guide Questions Chapter 2, “Defining Faith” Introduction 1. Explain the meaning of subject and object of faith 2. State Tilley’s definition of faith People of Faith 1. Communal Aspect of Faith a. What is the place of community in our growth in faith? b. How is growing in love an analogy for growing in faith? c. How is true and mature faith impeded in some religious groups? d. Is rebellion against faith often a rebellion against a false image of faith? e. Explain the meaning of conversion as “change in the habitual center of one’s energy.” Give examples. 2. Personal Faith a. Why is faith, although communal, is deeply personal?. Is faith necessarily associated with a particular faith community? b. Discuss the journey of faith of Stephen Dedalus, the main protagonist of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. What are your thoughts about his journey. c. Do all of us reflect on what makes our life worth living? Why? 3. Faith and Doubt a. What is the difference between John Henry Newman and Paul Tillich relative to the way they understand the meaning of faith and doubt? b. What does Tillich emphasize about faith? What for him is the opposite of faith? c. Explain the reasons for the difference between Newman and Tillich. d. Where are Newman and Tillich the same?
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2 The God (s) of Faith 1. Introduction a. How does Tillich define what he calls god or gods. 2. How we learn of our Gods a. How do we come to know what the god or gods are in our lives? What is the process that is involved?
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